If you manage a Vehicle Fleet, You Need Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Software

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection, Pre-Trip Inspection Software

Picture this -- the boss is breathing down your neck. He wants you to get your production numbers up, and diminish the amount of time your drivers spend off road. Basically, he wants you to whip your team in shape, and ensure every vehicle is on the road in tip-top shape as quickly as possible. Sound familiar?

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7 Tips to Passing a CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection, CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

A CDL pre-trip vehicle inspection is one of the most important things a driver can do to ensure that their vehicle is safe on the road. Of course time is money, and every minute that you're not back on the road you're potentially losing money. That's why it's imperative you create a vehicle inspection process that can be done efficiently.

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The 8 Benefits of Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Software

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Many fleet companies have difficulty implementing pre-trip inspections as a requirement that is followed religiously by every single driver that they employ. Do you know how well your fleet is inspecting it’s vehicles? Do you have a way of monitoring this process? Pre-trip inspections are important for a number of reasons, all of which deal with avoiding the risk of trouble with your vehicle while it is on the road and improving your compliance.

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Conduct a Pre-Trip Inspection from Anywhere, Anytime

pre-trip inspection

It’s a familiar and frustrating scene to anyone who manages a fleet: a vehicle breaks down, leaving you to figure out how to get it back to the warehouse. Now you’re stuck sending another vehicle in its place, potentially disrupting your entire schedule. The problem vehicle will need repairs that may require coordinating a team of mechanics.

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Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Software that is Changing the face of DVIR

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

As a fleet manager, you know that keeping your vehicles both in good condition and on the road are two of the most important keys to success. When your vehicles are working at optimal levels, your team is less likely to have accidents, and you’re more likely to meet shipping deadlines.

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15 Fleet Management Conferences you must visit in 2018

Here at Whip Around we are excited about the upcoming year. We put together a list of conferences you must visit in 2018 to stay informed about the latest industry technology and news. 

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Smartrak & Whip Around Partnership

Smartrak Australasia’s leading Telematics provider today announced their new Strategic Partnership with mobile inspection provider Whip Around.

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5 Ways to Attract the Best Customers for Your Transportation Business

Whip Around, business, Customers, Management, Transportation

The success of your transportation business hinges upon your ability to secure and retain the best customers. A strong customer base can generate new leads, stimulate cash flow, and enhance your industry reputation. Below are five ways that your transportation business can attract first-rate customers.

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3 Tips for Improving Cash Flow Management for Your Transport Business

Whip Around, Cashflow, Finance, Management

Solid cash flow management practices are the difference between a business that closes only after a year and one that experiences continued growth for years to come. Take a look at a few tips that will improve your company's cash flow management.

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5 Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Customers

Whip Around, Customers, Technology

Your ability to compete in the transportation industry requires a commitment to providing superb customer service and an awareness of your company's shortcomings. In particular, you must understand the reasons why your regular customers might decide to explore other transportation options. Below are five reasons why your customers might be tempted to turn to your competitors for their transportation needs.

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3 Easy Ways to Get Better Engagement Out of Your Drivers

Engagement, inspections, Whip Around, Inpections, Technology

As a manager, you shouldn't have to micromanage every little thing that your drivers are responsible for. And when it comes to compliance, your drivers are responsible for a lot! If you find yourself spending a lot of time making sure that your drivers are completing their daily inspections, keeping accurate logbooks, or doing other compliance-related tasks, it's time to change the way you manage your team. 

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Fleet

inspections, Whip Around, Technology

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles historically meant a lot of paperwork. Inspection reports, safety reports, fuel reports, inspection notices, maintenance notices and the list goes on. Monitoring all of this information and taking action when necessary can become a logistical nightmare.

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