Deliver results by grouping drivers and vehicles into teams

The most powerful feature of Whip Around is it's unique teams module. If your company has a unique complex structure with multiple business units across multiple states then you'll know how difficult it is to keep on top of unplanned vehicle maintenance. Whip Around's teams module has been developed to enable large scale transport organizations to customize where notifications are sent and which data is displayed to the correct managers. 

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Group drivers and vehicles into teams and assign them to managers

Create teams for your business units, depots, mechanics and other departments then tag drivers and vehicles to each team.  Assign multiple managers to each team or simply let your managers choose which teams they want to follow.  The dashboard notifications, analytics and leaderboards will only show the stats for the teams they follow.

Customize your dashboard by following teams or individual drivers and vehicles

The complex structure of your organization isn't a problem for Whip Around. Your managers can choose to manage or follow the teams, drivers and vehicles they are interested in. They can choose to follow the entire team or only the individual vehicles or drivers they are interested in.  Workshops can be set up to only receive notifications on faults for a certain business unit or vehicle types. The whole system is completely configurable for all company sizes. 


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Whip Around Inspection Software Mobile App

Control the vehicles that are displayed in the app to drivers

Make it quick and easy for drivers to select the vehicle they want to inspect by grouping them into teams. Drivers will only see the vehicles that their managers directly manage or follow. There's also a search bar that automatically appears in the app if there are more than 30 vehicles in the team making it that much simpler for your drivers.


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