Stay on top of unplanned maintenance 

Get faults flagged in the field sent to your managers in real-time and manage the process of repairing them via the faults module. Dashboard reminders prompt your managers to stay on top of faults. See whats outstanding and take action. Promote healthy competition among your managers to encourage a safe culture

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View and manage faults flagged by your drivers

As soon as an inspection is complete any issues flagged by your drivers will appear listed as new in the faults module. Filter by date and time, fault status, vehicle, driver and mechanic.  View stats across the top to see how many faults are outstanding and at which stage they are at. 

Update the fault status and invite external mechanics to view the details.

Invite external parties to view and edit the fault. Add comments to the fault and alert your mechanic automatically when updates are made. Change the status from new to in progress, to completed. All updates are time and date stamped and kept on record forever. 

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Drivers can monitor fault status updates from the mobile app

Drivers can pull up past inspections from the app and see all comments and status changes so they can be sure the vehicle's fault has been repaired. 


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