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Fleet Vehicle Inspection DVIR Insights

Better Pre-Trip & Post-Trip Fleet Vehicle Inpsections

5 Ways to Attract the Best Customers for Your Transportation Business

Whip Around, business, Customers, Management, Transportation

The success of your transportation business hinges upon your ability to secure and retain the best customers. A strong customer base can generate new leads, stimulate cash flow, and enhance your industry reputation. Below are five ways that your transportation business can attract first-rate customers.

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3 Tips for Improving Cash Flow Management for Your Transport Business

Whip Around, Cashflow, Finance, Management

Solid cash flow management practices are the difference between a business that closes only after a year and one that experiences continued growth for years to come. Take a look at a few tips that will improve your company's cash flow management.

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5 Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Customers

Whip Around, Customers, Technology

Your ability to compete in the transportation industry requires a commitment to providing superb customer service and an awareness of your company's shortcomings. In particular, you must understand the reasons why your regular customers might decide to explore other transportation options. Below are five reasons why your customers might be tempted to turn to your competitors for their transportation needs.

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3 Easy Ways to Get Better Engagement Out of Your Drivers

Engagement, inspections, Whip Around, Inpections, Technology

As a manager, you shouldn't have to micromanage every little thing that your drivers are responsible for. And when it comes to compliance, your drivers are responsible for a lot! If you find yourself spending a lot of time making sure that your drivers are completing their daily inspections, keeping accurate logbooks, or doing other compliance-related tasks, it's time to change the way you manage your team. 

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Fleet

inspections, Whip Around, Technology

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles historically meant a lot of paperwork. Inspection reports, safety reports, fuel reports, inspection notices, maintenance notices and the list goes on. Monitoring all of this information and taking action when necessary can become a logistical nightmare.

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Using Commercial Vehicle Technology to Conduct a Pre-trip Inspection

inspections, Whip Around, apps, DVIR, e-dvir, EVIR, pre-trip, Technology

While the importance of conducting a post-trip inspection is always stressed, a pre-trip inspection can be just as beneficial. Documenting a pre-trip inspection using a paper-based system can quickly feel tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, commercial vehicle technology makes conducting pre-trip inspections seamless and effortless.

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3 Time-Saving Benefits of Digital Commercial Vehicle Inspections

app inspection, inspections, Whip Around, DVIR, Technology

Whip Around
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FMCSA Requirements for Your DVIR

Whip Around, cor, DVIR, FMCSA, Inpections, Law, Safety, Technology, transport

Is your current Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report meeting the requirements of the FMCSA? Here is a breakdown of the FMCSA Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance regulation:

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Whip Around Helps to Meet the Requirements of CoR

supply chain, Whip Around, Chain of responsibility, cor, DVIR, Law, legal, Safety, Technology

Whip Around DVIR software in action
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10 benefits of conducting daily vehicle inspections

Enforcement, inspections, safe truck, servicing, truck, Trucking, tyres, Vehicles, Whip Around, compliance, driver vehicle inspection report, DVIR, Electronic Inspection, Fleet, fleet maintenance, fleet management, FMCSA, Health and safety, international roadcheck, maintenance, Paperless, pre-trip, pre trip inpsections, saas, Safety, safety on the roads, tire safety, transport, Transportation

Inspecting your vehicle is probably something you know you should do, but mostly likely something you don't do often enough. In the major markets we operate in the commercial vehicle is classified as part of the workplace. Operators must ensure the work place is a safe environment for staff and vehicles are no exception! To ensure this you must firstly force your drivers to conduct vehicle inspections before every shift and secondly have a robust system in place so that you and your management team are notified in real-time to any defects. Only a digital platform such as Whip Around will afford this crucial requirement.

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Why Timely Vehicle Maintenance Is Essential For Productivity

Brakes, Enforcement, inspections, servicing, Trucking, Whip Around, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, compliance, DVIR, efficient trucks, Electronic Inspection, Faulty equipment, maintenance, Safety, Tech, Technology, tire safety, work

The Whip Around mobile app makes it easy to stay on top of unplanned vehicle maintenance.  
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How Smartphones And Tablets Can Streamline Your Fleet Operation

inspections, Trucking, Vehicles, Whip Around, work apps, apps, Electronic Inspection, Mobile, mobile fleet management, mobile tech, Paperless, pre trip inpsections, saas, Technology, Transportation

Field based worker on the Whip Around - Mobile Inspection Platform  
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