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Fleet Vehicle Inspection DVIR Insights

Better Pre-Trip & Post-Trip Fleet Vehicle Inpsections

Are you feeling the driver shortage in your business?

driver shortage, drivers, Truck Driver, truck tips, Trucking News

Driver turnover at large truckload companies is as high as 90% as the industry faces a very real driver shortage.

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The cost/benefit of providing smartphones to drivers

Technology, Trucking News

Sometimes it's hard to justify spending money. When managing the finances at a company, buying a stack of phones can sound like a splurge. Sure, we know there are pros and cons, but are the pros the weightier option? here are some topics of discussion when choosing to supply smartphones to your drivers.

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Realistic Expectations For Truck Automation

efficient trucks, energy efficient trucks, Logistics, Self driving trucks, Tech, Technology, transport, Trucking, Trucking News, vehcilce, Vehicles

Daimler's first self driving truck. Nevada worlds first licensed autonomous Freightliner 
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Trucking Couples Couple Increased Earning with Quality Time

Couples, efficient trucks, Love, Transportation, Trucking, Trucking News, Vehicles, Whip Around, work

A Happy Trucking Couple
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Avoid Driving Drowsy: Drivers Lacking Sleep

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, compliance, Enforcement, fleet safety, Health and safety, international roadcheck, road check, Safe, safe truck, Safety, transport, Transportation, Trucking, Trucking News, Vehicles, Whip Around


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NEW RULES: Canada's new pre-trip inspection

bus, canada, DVIR, Ontario, Pre-trip Inspections, Safety, transport, Trucking, Trucking News, Whip Around

TORONTO, Ont. – The Canadian trucking industry’s long-awaited national daily truck inspection requirements come into effect in Ontario July 1. That’s when Ontario begins educational enforcement of the new standards.

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The Importance of a Pre-Trip Inspection

compliance, DOT, Faulty equipment, New App Features, pre-trip inspection, Safety, truck, Trucking, Trucking News

As a follow up to his interview on pre-trip planning, Randy Cornell, former driver and now the VP of Maintenance for Con-way Truckload, shares his knowledge regarding pre-trip inspections.


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