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Fleet Vehicle Inspection DVIR Insights

Better Pre-Trip & Post-Trip Fleet Vehicle Inpsections

Simple steps to consider when looking at new transport technology

Transport technology, saas, software, Tech, Technology, transport

Every day new and exciting technology is being designed to solve problems in almost every industry around the world.

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FMCSA Requirements for Your DVIR

Whip Around, cor, DVIR, FMCSA, Inpections, Law, Safety, Technology, transport

Is your current Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report meeting the requirements of the FMCSA? Here is a breakdown of the FMCSA Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance regulation:

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Whip Around Teams Module

Trucking, business, DVIR, Electronic Inspection, fleet maintenance, fleet management, Health and safety, Safety, Tech, Technology, transport

The Whip Around software allows for your company to group your vehicles according to your unique needs, keeping all the need-to-know people in the know.

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Is Your Business Ready for Changes to the Australian/New Zealand CoR Laws?

inductions, supply chain, Vehicles, Chain of responsibility, cor, Health and safety, Safety, Technology, transport

Whip Around provides full transparency across the CoR through data sharing between companies.  
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10 benefits of conducting daily vehicle inspections

Enforcement, inspections, safe truck, servicing, truck, Trucking, tyres, Vehicles, Whip Around, compliance, driver vehicle inspection report, DVIR, Electronic Inspection, Fleet, fleet maintenance, fleet management, FMCSA, Health and safety, international roadcheck, maintenance, Paperless, pre-trip, pre trip inpsections, saas, Safety, safety on the roads, tire safety, transport, Transportation

Inspecting your vehicle is probably something you know you should do, but mostly likely something you don't do often enough. In the major markets we operate in the commercial vehicle is classified as part of the workplace. Operators must ensure the work place is a safe environment for staff and vehicles are no exception! To ensure this you must firstly force your drivers to conduct vehicle inspections before every shift and secondly have a robust system in place so that you and your management team are notified in real-time to any defects. Only a digital platform such as Whip Around will afford this crucial requirement.

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How Preventative Maintenance Can Increase Your Fleet Efficiency

inspections, Trucking, apps, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, compliance, DOT, driver vehicle inspection report, DVIR, Electronic Inspection, Fleet, fleet maintenance, fleet management, fleet safety, international roadcheck, maintenance, mobile fleet management, Paperless, pre-trip, Safety, Tech, Technology, transport, Transportation

The Whip Around Mobile App prompts the driver to look for areas that need regular attention to ensure the fleet is running at its optimal level.  
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The Hottest Industry In The World - Transport Tech

driver vehicle inspection report, saas, Tech, Technology, transport

Suddenly, lots of new names are very interested in the trucking industry. What, exactly, is going on?

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Realistic Expectations For Truck Automation

Trucking, Vehicles, efficient trucks, energy efficient trucks, Logistics, Self driving trucks, Tech, Technology, transport, Trucking News, vehcilce

Daimler's first self driving truck. Nevada worlds first licensed autonomous Freightliner 
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The future in your pocket

Trucking, work apps, apps, driver apps, Electronic Inspection, Mobile, mobile fleet management, mobile tech, Paperless, saas, transport

Whip Around - Mobile Inspection Platform
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Distracted Driving: Cell Phones, Hamburgers, and Social Media!

bus, Safe, Trucking, Whip Around, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, compliance, FMCSA, Health and safety, Inpections, Roading, Safety, transport, Transportation

A distracted driver
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Truckers' Health & Safety: There's an App for That!

Vehicles, Whip Around, work apps, compliance, Electronic Inspection, Health and safety, Inpections, pre trip inpsections, saas, Safety, transport

Whip Around DVIR Mobile App 
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Avoid Driving Drowsy: Drivers Lacking Sleep are as Dangerous as Drunk Drivers

Enforcement, Safe, safe truck, Trucking, Vehicles, Whip Around, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, compliance, fleet safety, Health and safety, international roadcheck, road check, Safety, transport, Transportation, Trucking News


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