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Fleet Vehicle Inspection DVIR Insights

Better Pre-Trip & Post-Trip Fleet Vehicle Inpsections

Simplifying Your Daily DVIR Process is already at your Fingertips

Paper-Based DVIR, eDVIR, Technology

It’s a daily grind familiar to every fleet manager: get up early, fight traffic, get to the office, and begin fighting with your drivers about driver-vehicle inspection reports (DVIR). You hound them to do the inspections, to fully and accurately fill out the form, to tell you about any mechanical issues with your fleet, and to do more than just a cursory checkbox-based inspection.

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Paper-Based DVIRs are a thing of the Past

Paper-Based DVIR, Technology, eDVIR

No matter how long you’ve been managing your fleet, chances are good that you’ve become intimately familiar with — and perhaps even disillusioned by — the requirement that is the daily vehicle inspection report (DVIR).

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Paper-Based DVIR Procedures Are Getting a Facelift with Technology

Technology, Paper-Based DVIR, eDVIR

For fleet managers like yourself, daily inspection reports are just another part of the reality of running your business. However, they don't have to be nearly the headache that they once were proven to be. In recent years, new tools have arisen to provide you with the option of setting aside your paper-based process in favor of something a bit more in keeping with today’s technologically driven landscape.

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5 Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Customers

Customers, Technology, Whip Around

Your ability to compete in the transportation industry requires a commitment to providing superb customer service and an awareness of your company's shortcomings. In particular, you must understand the reasons why your regular customers might decide to explore other transportation options. Below are five reasons why your customers might be tempted to turn to your competitors for their transportation needs.

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3 Easy Ways to Get Better Engagement Out of Your Drivers

Engagement, Inpections, inspections, Technology, Whip Around

As a manager, you shouldn't have to micromanage every little thing that your drivers are responsible for. And when it comes to compliance, your drivers are responsible for a lot! If you find yourself spending a lot of time making sure that your drivers are completing their daily inspections, keeping accurate logbooks, or doing other compliance-related tasks, it's time to change the way you manage your team. 

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Fleet

inspections, Technology, Whip Around

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles historically meant a lot of paperwork. Inspection reports, safety reports, fuel reports, inspection notices, maintenance notices and the list goes on. Monitoring all of this information and taking action when necessary can become a logistical nightmare.

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Using Commercial Vehicle Technology to Conduct a Pre-trip Inspection

apps, DVIR, e-dvir, EVIR, inspections, pre-trip, Technology, Whip Around

While the importance of conducting a post-trip inspection is always stressed, a pre-trip inspection can be just as beneficial. Documenting a pre-trip inspection using a paper-based system can quickly feel tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, commercial vehicle technology makes conducting pre-trip inspections seamless and effortless.

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Simple steps to consider when looking at new transport technology

saas, software, Tech, Technology, transport, Transport technology

Every day new and exciting technology is being designed to solve problems in almost every industry around the world.

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3 Time-Saving Benefits of Digital Commercial Vehicle Inspections

app inspection, DVIR, inspections, Technology, Whip Around

Whip Around
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Streamlining Your Inspections Using Commercial Vehicle Technology

apps, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, DVIR, inspections, Safety, Technology, Truck Driver, Trucking

Daily commercial vehicle inspections are almost necessary to ensure that your business remains operational and your rigs are always running smoothly. Unforeseen maintenance can arise at any time and if it goes unnoticed this can result in larger issues. However, conducting daily maintenance while using a paper-based system may not only increase costs but will also take longer to complete. The benefits of streamlining your inspections using Whip Around are almost countless.

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Why Should My Company Do Daily Vehicle Inspections?

DVIR, electronic dvir, inspections, Technology, trucks

Daily, comprehensive Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) inspections ultimately lower operating costs by decreasing downtime, identifying maintenance issues, and increasing safety. New technology makes inspections and defect (fault) documentation and correction simpler and faster than ever.

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Paper versus Digital? The Value of Electronic Inspection Reports

Digital, DVIR, electronic dvir, Electronic Inspection, Environment, Technology

Whip Around's electronic DVIR software
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FMCSA Requirements for Your DVIR

cor, DVIR, FMCSA, Inpections, Law, Safety, Technology, transport, Whip Around

Is your current Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report meeting the requirements of the FMCSA? Here is a breakdown of the FMCSA Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance regulation:

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Whip Around Helps to Meet the Requirements of CoR

Chain of responsibility, cor, DVIR, Law, legal, Safety, supply chain, Technology, Whip Around

Whip Around DVIR software in action
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ELD Regulation and Digital DVIR

DVIR, e-dvir, eld regulation, electronic dvir, FMCSA, post-trip, pre-trip, Safety, Technology

Whip Around's mobile app is FMCSA compliant
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Whip Around Teams Module

business, DVIR, Electronic Inspection, fleet maintenance, fleet management, Health and safety, Safety, Tech, Technology, transport, Trucking

The Whip Around software allows for your company to group your vehicles according to your unique needs, keeping all the need-to-know people in the know.

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Is Your Business Ready for Changes to the Australian/New Zealand CoR Laws?

Chain of responsibility, cor, Health and safety, inductions, Safety, supply chain, Technology, transport, Vehicles

Whip Around provides full transparency across the CoR through data sharing between companies.  
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Top 3 Things to Look for When Choosing an Electronic DVIR

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, CVSA, DOT, Driver, DVIR, Electronic Inspection, Fleet, FMCSA, Health and safety, Safety, Technology

With the right electronic DVIR, you can save tremendous amounts of time. 

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5 Reasons Why Organisations Need To Move Away

DVIR, inspections, mobile app, reports, Safety, Technology, Vehicles

Selecting a vehicle to inspect from the Whip Around mobile app
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The cost/benefit of providing smartphones to drivers

Technology, Trucking News

Sometimes it's hard to justify spending money. When managing the finances at a company, buying a stack of phones can sound like a splurge. Sure, we know there are pros and cons, but are the pros the weightier option? here are some topics of discussion when choosing to supply smartphones to your drivers.

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