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Fleet Vehicle Inspection DVIR Insights

Better Pre-Trip & Post-Trip Fleet Vehicle Inpsections

DOT Compliance Tips: DVIR

eDVIR, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection, Vehicles, compliance

We know that DOT compliance in the USA can be daunting. Though Federal regulations are in place to make sure fleet managers and drivers are operating safe vehicles on America's roadways, sifting through the information on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) website can be a little confusing.

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Conduct Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Reports from your Phone with eDVIR

eDVIR, Pre-Trip Inspection Software, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) are already an integral part of managing your fleet. So, when it comes to how best to coordinate this critical task, the question isn’t so much whether DVIR is worth the effort — it absolutely is — but how best to go about satisfying this requirement and maintaining the protection it affords you and your business.

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The Detailed DVIR (Driver's Vehicle Inspection Report) Checklist

driver vehicle inspection report, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

From time to time, the rigors of fleet management can become too much. With all the work that goes into maintaining each vehicle and supervising each driver, you may have caught yourself subconsciously searching for some way to streamline the processes involved in your day-to-day operation.

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5 Often-Overlooked Items During a Pre-Trip Inspection

Pre-Trip Inspection Software, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Pre-trip inspections are more than just cursory searches for mechanical defects. They’re required by law, and failing to do them can cost your company dearly. Perhaps equally important, these inspections can save lives, help your vehicles last longer, and ultimately help you make more money -- and keep more of what you earn rather than paying fines or lawsuits.

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The Ugly Truth about Pre-Trip Fleet Vehicle Inspection

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Every fleet driver is required by law to perform thorough pre-trip vehicle inspections. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive does not only protect the driver, it is to consider the safety of everyone else on the road as well. Unfortunately, there are currently no guidelines for how long an inspection should take. If what should be checked is properly examined, a full inspection should take 30 to 50 minutes.

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Class A Pre-Trip Inspection: What You Need To Know

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection, Class A Pre-Trip Inspection

Whenever you send a driver out into the field, you know that there is a certain amount of risk involved. Managing an entire fleet of vehicles involves inviting possible disorder and endless potential for complications into your business. Literally anything can happen to your driver or his/her vehicle while they are in the midst of performing their duty.

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If you manage a fleet of commercial vehicles, you need an electronic DVIR system.

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection, Pre-Trip Inspection Software

Picture this -- the boss is breathing down your neck. He wants you to get your production numbers up, and diminish the amount of time your drivers spend off road. Basically, he wants you to whip your team in shape, and ensure every vehicle is on the road in tip-top shape as quickly as possible. Sound familiar?

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7 Tips to Passing a CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection, CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

A CDL pre-trip vehicle inspection is one of the most important things a driver can do to ensure that their vehicle is safe on the road. Of course time is money, and every minute that you're not back on the road you're potentially losing money. That's why it's imperative you create a vehicle inspection process that can be done efficiently.

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The 8 Benefits of Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Software

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Many fleet companies have difficulty implementing pre-trip inspections as a requirement that is followed religiously by every single driver that they employ. Do you know how well your fleet is inspecting it’s vehicles? Do you have a way of monitoring this process? Pre-trip inspections are important for a number of reasons, all of which deal with avoiding the risk of trouble with your vehicle while it is on the road and improving your compliance.

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Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Software that is Changing the face of DVIR

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

As a fleet manager, you know that keeping your vehicles both in good condition and on the road are two of the most important keys to success. When your vehicles are working at optimal levels, your team is less likely to have accidents, and you’re more likely to meet shipping deadlines.

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