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Better Pre-Trip & Post-Trip Fleet Vehicle Inpsections

Vehicle Inspection Forms - The Digital Future of DVIR (eDVIR)

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Federal law requires drivers to complete a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) for any vehicle they operate. Drivers must also review the previous day’s vehicle inspection form, signing off on any errors or other issues before operating the vehicle.

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Using Commercial Vehicle Technology to Conduct a Pre-trip Inspection

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While the importance of conducting a post-trip inspection is always stressed, a pre-trip inspection can be just as beneficial. Documenting a pre-trip inspection using a paper-based system can quickly feel tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, commercial vehicle technology makes conducting pre-trip inspections seamless and effortless.

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3 Time-Saving Benefits of Digital Commercial Vehicle Inspections

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Whip Around
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Streamlining Your Inspections Using Commercial Vehicle Technology

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Daily commercial vehicle inspections are almost necessary to ensure that your business remains operational and your rigs are always running smoothly. Unforeseen maintenance can arise at any time and if it goes unnoticed this can result in larger issues. However, conducting daily maintenance while using a paper-based system may not only increase costs but will also take longer to complete. The benefits of streamlining your inspections using Whip Around are almost countless.

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Why Should My Company Do Daily Vehicle Inspections?

electronic dvir, inspections, trucks, DVIR, Technology

Daily, comprehensive Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) inspections ultimately lower operating costs by decreasing downtime, identifying maintenance issues, and increasing safety. New technology makes inspections and defect (fault) documentation and correction simpler and faster than ever.

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A Look At What Your DVIR Requires

Truck Driver, Trucking, DOT, DVIR, Safety

A DVIR must show the previous inspection report that can be signed off by the driver - Whip Around 
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Paper versus Digital? The Value of Electronic Inspection Reports

electronic dvir, Environment, Digital, DVIR, Electronic Inspection, Technology

Whip Around's electronic DVIR software
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FMCSA Requirements for Your DVIR

Whip Around, cor, DVIR, FMCSA, Inpections, Law, Safety, Technology, transport

Is your current Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report meeting the requirements of the FMCSA? Here is a breakdown of the FMCSA Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance regulation:

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Whip Around Helps to Meet the Requirements of CoR

supply chain, Whip Around, Chain of responsibility, cor, DVIR, Law, legal, Safety, Technology

Whip Around DVIR software in action
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ELD Regulation and Digital DVIR

electronic dvir, DVIR, e-dvir, eld regulation, FMCSA, post-trip, pre-trip, Safety, Technology

Whip Around's mobile app is FMCSA compliant
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Whip Around Teams Module

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The Whip Around software allows for your company to group your vehicles according to your unique needs, keeping all the need-to-know people in the know.

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Governments are adding more regulation to health and safety for commercial vehicles

Vehicles, DVIR, fines, government, inspection, regulation, Safety

Preparing for the future is integral to any successful business plan, but also difficult to find time for in the present. Meanwhile, the world outside is moving on, ready or not. One ever-changing environment faced by commercial vehicle owners and operators is the regulatory one. Increased work safety regulation for vehicles has been growing steadily in the US and is likely spreading to the UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

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