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Why Should My Company Do Daily Vehicle Inspections?

DVIR, electronic dvir, inspections, Technology, trucks

Daily, comprehensive Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) inspections ultimately lower operating costs by decreasing downtime, identifying maintenance issues, and increasing safety. New technology makes inspections and defect (fault) documentation and correction simpler and faster than ever.

Daily inspections maintain regulatory compliance and decrease downtime!

According to the 2016 Pocket Guide to Large truck and Bus Statistics, US authorities conducted 3,318,172 roadside inspections in 2015. The roadside inspection list includes such things as tires, emergency equipment, lighting, and brakes. The 2015 inspections found 470,906 Out Of Service (OOS) violations. If OOS violations are found, Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers are not allowed to drive until all infractions are remedied, re-inspected, and deemed safe. This adds up to significant downtime and may even result in civil penalties and fines.

Daily inspections can identify unsafe conditions; including mechanical issues!

Mechanical issues can be a serious threat to safe driving. If parts of the truck fail to work, the result can be a costly crash that destroys property or, worse, a fatal accident. Relying solely on vehicle alert systems, which can also fail, to identify problems is not enough. Manual "eyes-on" inspections may uncover problems before they are able to be detected by an alert system. In addition to being required by law, inspections are listed on the NETS 10 Step Program to Minimize Crash Risk

With the Whip Around app, YOU have control! 

Using any mobile device, each driver can use a simple inspection checklist and send immediate inspection reports (including photos!) to your office database. You can monitor both truck and employee performance, maintain accurate inspection records, and react quickly to flagged defects. 

Whip Around templates allow you to custom design inspection checklists to maintain company standards and legal requirements specific to your area. This also offers the flexibility to make immediate and company-wide adjustments as your business grows and as regulations evolve.

Whip Around technology is affordable and appropriate for any company; regardless of fleet size! Contact us to access the newest CMV technology today! 

Tagged: DVIR, electronic dvir, inspections, Technology, trucks


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