Streamlining Your Inspections Using Commercial Vehicle Technology


Daily commercial vehicle inspections are almost necessary to ensure that your business remains operational and your rigs are always running smoothly. Unforeseen maintenance can arise at any time and if it goes unnoticed this can result in larger issues. However, conducting daily maintenance while using a paper-based system may not only increase costs but will also take longer to complete. The benefits of streamlining your inspections using Whip Around are almost countless.

Conduct Commercial Vehicle Inspections Anywhere

The mobile inspection platform allows you to carry and conduct vehicle inspections anywhere. The platform is even easily accessible both online and offline. Instead, of spending time looking for misplaced inspection forms you can easily access your digital inspections through the mobile platform.

Never Lose Track of Drivers and Vehicles

If your network is large and your business involves a number of moving parts, it is easy to lose track of vehicles. Commercial vehicle technology makes it easy to keep a close eye on drivers and vehicles. You’ll always know who is inspecting what vehicle and more. 

Immediate and Actionable Results

The digital inspection system allows inspectors to flag issues immediately. This makes it easy for you to take immediate action and fix any issues in order to get your vehicle back on the road. This is especially helpful for unforeseen maintenance issues that regularly arise.

Commercial vehicle technology may be what you need to make sure your business operations run as smooth as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if digital inspections are right for you.