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Whip Around Helps to Meet the Requirements of CoR

Chain of responsibility, cor, DVIR, Law, legal, Safety, supply chain, Technology, Whip Around

Whip Around DVIR software in action Whip Around DVIR software in action

New Zealand and Australian regulators continue to put more and more rule on heavy vehicle companies and operators. They want to ensure that the road is safe and that the drivers are alert, well-trained, capable and safe. In fact, anybody along the logistics chain including those that consign, pack, load or receive products may be subject to fines or violations if they do not abide by Chain of Responsibility requirements.

Their are two primary types of requirements. The first is that the goods are properly inspected, monitored, weighed and measured. This is to ensure that the products are not too heavy for the truck they are inside. Additionally, they must be in containers that are safe for the road. Finally, they goods of record must match the actual products in the container for obvious tax, regulatory and anti-smuggling reasons. Keeping all of this information tracked and stored adequately can be a major headache.

The second issue is the hours of operation. Drivers cannot work more than ten hours in a row. Any violation of those rules would result in alertness dramatically declining which is unsafe for themselves and other drivers on the road.

For both these issues, the Whip Around app is the easiest solution. This tool helps logistics professionals automatically log information on their phone where it is safely stored to the cloud. There is no need to file paper work, compare notes, read messy handwriting or do a detailed regulatory review. The Whip Around app enables these processes to occur automatically along each tough point to meet the chain of responsibility regulations. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money.

Whip Around is a leading provider of tools and solutions that help heavy vehicle operators, especially with their Chain of Responsibility. These solutions have helped to save time and money dealing with regulations. For more information, please contact us.

Tagged: Chain of responsibility, cor, DVIR, Law, legal, Safety, supply chain, Technology, Whip Around


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