ELD Regulation and Digital DVIR

Whip Around's mobile app is FMCSA compliant

Whip Around's mobile app is FMCSA compliant

The U.S.'s FMCSAimplemented a new electronic logging device rule, or ELD rule, back in 2015. With the compliance date approaching, we wanted to review what this rule was and what this means for eDVIR in the future.

The rule is pretty simple: all vehicles built post-2000, logging more than 8 trips a month, and not for tow-away services or RV hauling must have an ELD installed in their engine to monitor hours and miles driven. The FMCSA is looking to reduce driver fatigue and the number of heavy truck related incidents, as well as reduce paperwork and keep record-keeping mistakes at a minimum.

It stands to reason that they will soon regulate the use of eDVIR as well, given the focus on driver safety and electronic solutions to paperwork. Electronic DVIRs keep your vehicle up to par with current regulations. Making sure they are well-maintained and safe to drive keeps unnecessary accidents from occurring and protects your drivers, management, and ownership from the consequences of them.

Whip Around is ahead of the regulation game with our mobile based vehicle inspection platform. Drivers can log DVIRs directly into their smartphones for ease of access. Inspection forms are immediately viewable by all involved parties, and are time and GPS stamped for transparent record keeping. If any problems are flagged, Whip Around software generates the work order right on the spot to keep your vehicles well-maintained. 

If you have any questions about complying with the new ELD rule or being prepared for future eDVIR regulations, contact our Whip Around experts today.