Whip Around Teams Module

The Whip Around software allows for your company to group your vehicles according to your unique needs, keeping all the need-to-know people in the know.


The grouping options are endless. Group vehicles together, then assign them to a team and specify which management, mechanics, drivers, or depot profiles are able to conduct or check inspections. Rearrange at will from your dashboard for unexpected projects or new drivers. You can also sort by vehicle type or within a specific business unit. You can make it as complex or simple as you'd like, with layers of teams responsible for other teams, or simply one individual assigned to one vehicle. From the employee perspective, they will only be able to view what you allow them to, within their team or management responsibility range.

For example: Your company operates across multiple states. You could set up teams of five vehicles, then add their drivers from various shifts to their team, plus a supervisor, the regional manager, and the state manager. Drivers can only see the vehicle they are assigned to, but the supervisor can keep tabs on the fleets they are responsible for, the regional manager can keep track of all vehicles at locations within the region, and the state manager can see all vehicles within the state.

Whip Around's grouping module can do all that, and more. Our team grouping module is truly as flexible as your company needs it to be.

Not only does our software allow for proper checks, but it alerts you when those checks aren't happening or if something is flagged during an inspection. Grouping ensures that the correct departments are notified as quickly as possible. Simply assign who you need to each team, and when anything is flagged during inspection, the team is alerted via the Whip Around mobile app, allowing for immediate action on the flagged item.

Whip Around team modules also allows you to view leaderboards and analytics by team. See who is doing best or needs improvement at a glance, and keep track of trends within your company. If one vehicle is having problems consistently, or one employee is regularly missing their inspection, you (or whoever is assigned to manage that team) will be able to see it right away.

Whip Around Team Modules help you keep your business under control and running smoothly. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better,contact ustoday.