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5 Reasons Why Organisations Need To Move Away

DVIR, inspections, mobile app, reports, Safety, Technology, Vehicles

Selecting a vehicle to inspect from the Whip Around mobile app Selecting a vehicle to inspect from the Whip Around mobile app

Is your organisation completing daily vehicle inspections using paper forms? Whip Around offers a mobile platform based inspection solution that can help your company save time and money. Presented here, the 5 reasons why you need to move away from a daily paper-based vehicle inspection.


Although we may get paper from trees, money certainly does not grow on them. If your company is conducting daily paper-based inspections on your vehicle fleet then you not only have a high budget for paper but also for other items such as printers, printing ink, and maintenance for when the printers go down. Whip Around provides the cost-reducing solution to your printing and paper costs.

Human Error

Let’s face it, we are not perfect and are bound to make mistakes. Whether or not the mistake will occur during the actual vehicle inspection or when the data is being entered into your company database, somewhere along the way misinformation will occur. Using a mobile based inspection platform will help reduce the chance of errors and in the event an error occurs, you could get notified immediately instead of having a lurking error.

Greener Footprint

A mobile inspection platform will leave a much greener footprint and be far more environmentally friendly than a paper-based inspection; no more unnecessary paper usage and waste coming from your company.

Time Saver

The old way of conducting paper-based vehicle inspections meant a having a follow waiting time for that information to be recorded, complete the data entry process, and even a review for accuracy...all of those steps are no longer needed. With a mobile platform this offers businesses an opportunity to allow inspections to take place whenever and whenever needed. The results are immediately available and there is no wait for the forms to be sorted, reviewed, and entered into a database because that will happen automatically during the inspection.

Metrics Can’t Be Easier

Not only will using a mobile based inspection platform over a paper-based system decrease the time involved but it will also increase your productivity. Metrics are available in real-time as the data comes in from the vehicle inspections which makes publishing reports, providing analytics, and making alerts available extremely easy.

If you are interested in streamlining your inspection processes and becoming a company that has a greener focus as well as an interest in not only saving money but also increasing productivity then contact Whip Around today.

Tagged: DVIR, inspections, mobile app, reports, Safety, Technology, Vehicles


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