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Governments are adding more regulation to health

DVIR, fines, government, inspection, regulation, Safety, Vehicles

Preparing for the future is integral to any successful business plan, but also difficult to find time for in the present. Meanwhile, the world outside is moving on, ready or not. One ever-changing environment faced by commercial vehicle owners and operators is the regulatory one. Increased work safety regulation for vehicles has been growing steadily in the US and is likely spreading to the UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

Both federal and local regulations are expanding in the United States on issues from electronic tracking time for operators to new safety standards for mirrors and rear view cameras. The FMCSA is doing more than simply writing the new rules. It helps train and funds teams of state police across the country to help identify and address safety violations on the road. These stops can routinely include fines and forcing vehicles out of service. Incidents like these can do real harm to a businesses SLA's and reputation. Worse still are the resulting fines from regulations after an incident has already occurred. A rollover in Australia recently resulted in ten of thousands of dollars in fines for both the shipping company and its client. 

These occasional disasters highlight the dangers to operators, managers, and regulators. This is why places like Chicago and Australia are planning for regulatory enhancements or overhauls. As these governments plan new rules with new tools, don't be left unable to fulfill the needs of your company. Business owners and fleet managers need new tools as well to help stay on top of regulatory needs and fleet condition.

 Whip Around is an all digital system for managing fleet needs connecting operators through the cloud to managers and other stakeholders in real-time. These tools can help give you the information you need to stay ahead of breakdowns and inspections. The all digital medium also makes record keeping automatic to help facilitate discussions with inspectors. If you want more help keeping your fleet prepared for the future, contact us to learn more about what Whip Around can do for you.

Tagged: DVIR, fines, government, inspection, regulation, Safety, Vehicles


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