10 benefits of conducting daily vehicle inspections


Inspecting your vehicle is probably something you know you should do, but mostly likely something you don't do often enough. In the major markets we operate in the commercial vehicle is classified as part of the workplace. Operators must ensure the work place is a safe environment for staff and vehicles are no exception! To ensure this you must firstly force your drivers to conduct vehicle inspections before every shift and secondly have a robust system in place so that you and your management team are notified in real-time to any defects. Only a digital platform such as Whip Around will afford this crucial requirement.

Too many times, we only notice something is wrong with our vehicles because it has reached the point of no return, and we are forced to go to the nearest mechanic for major repairs. This costs time and money, and causes stress. These kinds of problems are preventable, if you conduct daily vehicle inspections. Here are 10 of the best reasons you should be sure to take preventative care of your vehicle.

1. Stay on top of routine maintenance

When you look at your vehicle every day, it is easier to remind yourself of those little things like changing the oil or refilling fluids. Routine maintenance is what keeps your rig running longer.

2. Reduce exposure to traffic infringements

Doing daily inspections is the best way to make sure you notice things like a dead tail light, before the police do. You can save a lot of time and money when you aren't worried about fix-it tickets.

3. Increase your sales

Believe it or not, a customer can tell a lot about a driver by the look of their rig. When customers notice you taking special care of your vehicle, it gives them confidence in you, and suddenly, you are their number one choice in driver.

4. Decrease Accidents

There is no way to guarantee that you won't get in an accident, but by taking care of your vehicle, you can improve your odds. Having a vehicle that is in tip-top condition not only instills confidence in you as a driver, but protects other drivers on the road.

5. Reduce Insurance Costs

With fewer accidents and fewer visits to the mechanic, come fewer insurance claims. The more you take care of your rig, the less you will spend on Insurance!

6. More care and respect from your drivers

Every time one of your drivers notices you going the extra mile to take care of your vehicle, it sets an example for them to follow. When you take care of your rig,  you earn respect, and other drivers will follow your lead.

7. Reduce Downtime

When you neglect to care for your vehicle, unplanned repairs are almost a guarantee. The time you spend waiting for a part to come in and your vehicle to be repaired is time you could be spending on the job.

8. Save Time by Planning Repairs

On the other hand, when you plan out your repairs, you can order parts ahead of time, and let the mechanics know you are coming. That way, your vehicle is number one on their priority list, and you can be in and out in no time!

9. Save Money by Planning Repairs

When a part breaks down unexpectedly, you may be forced to settle for paying more for lower quality, because you have no other options. When you notice an issue before it becomes an emergency, you have the time to shop around, get the best deal, find the best mechanics, and buy the best parts. Not only will you save money, but you can ensure the highest quality repairs.

10. Grow your Business

Whether you are an independent driver or a part of a large outfit, spending a little time each day inspecting your rig gives you a lot of time to grow your brand, work with customers, and negotiate deals. Daily inspections can significantly lighten your load in the long run.

Daily inspections might seem like a hassle, but once you start a routine of checking your vehicle each day, you'll realize how easy it is to save yourself time and money. For more tips, or to ask about how we can help you business comply with local commercial vehicle operator laws, contact us at Whip Around today!