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The cost/benefit of providing smartphones to drivers

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Sometimes it's hard to justify spending money. When managing the finances at a company, buying a stack of phones can sound like a splurge. Sure, we know there are pros and cons, but are the pros the weightier option? here are some topics of discussion when choosing to supply smartphones to your drivers.

  • Time saved  A feature that has become a staple to smartphones is GPS based maps. With a swipe, some typing or vocal recognition software, you can plot a course from one location to another in less than a minute. Based on a study in 2012 by the Pew Research Center, 68% of Americans polled used their smartphone to mostly get navigation. It almost doesn't make sense not to supply them to drivers.
  • Communication There's no guarantee nor any law requiring your employee to own a cellphone. There's plenty of people (32%) who opt out of owning one. Or maybe they only have one for the whole family. Whatever the reason, having a readily available way to communicate with your drivers is key. With a phone you provide, it allows you to have a reliable line of communication to your staff. When you need them to make an unscheduled stop, it can prove invaluable. 
  • Productivity With time saved and better communication comes better productivity. The cost per phone is typically negligible depending on your area and available carriers. They usually have discounts for large purchases, so it's possible to get a good deal. When you crunch the numbers with the money you save from efficiency vs the money you spend on the monthly cost of the phones, you will likely see you coming out ahead.  

At Whip Around we have developed a cost analysis to help navigate the move to smartphones and the apps that go with them. CLick below and provide your details then check your email for a link to download the costing sheet. 

This could be just the bump your company needs.  For more tech ideas for your fleet, contact Whip Around today. 

Tagged: Technology, Trucking News


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