Why Having App Based Technology Will Save Your Company Money

Whip Around's app flags faults for your mechanics to work on all in the dashboard. 

Whip Around's app flags faults for your mechanics to work on all in the dashboard. 

In the age where everything is a computer, it was only a matter of time before trucks became smart. While many tend to groan at technology, this new app will make your profits go through the roof. From simple steps like having an app double-check your maintenance, data entry to track metrics and so much more this app will make your drives safer, more efficient, and put a little more power in the hands of the business owner.

The fact of the matter is, if your watch is a computer and you can order a pizza with it, it's about time to upgrade your truck. Having the metrics to make informed decisions with an app that is constantly upgraded is to put it simply, a no-brainer.

Here are a few reasons why those who don't upgrade to Whip-Around will be left in the truck driving stone age:

Regulations and Liability Cost Reduction

With a small fortune hanging in the balance our app will help you keep up with rules and laws to reduce your chances of being sued or stuck with a hefty fine.

Telematics Technology Can Save Hour Of Drive Time In Just A Day

Having an early warning or a GPS taking your around a traffic jam instead of through it will save you weeks of drive time and man hours.

Tracking For The Business Owner

With problems like idle time, people taking a snooze on the clock and other costly issues, the app based stats will help you find irregularities and uncover problems you wouldn't even know about otherwise.

Like the 90s had .com websites, the 00s had cell phones, the 10s came out with apps, there are apps for everything and they are making industries more efficient. Reap the benefits of app based truck technology today with Whip-Around.