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March 20, 2017

How Preventative Maintenance Can Increase Your Fleet Efficiency

The Whip Around Mobile App prompts the driver to look for areas that need regular attention to ensure the fleet is running at its optimal level.   The Whip Around Mobile App prompts the driver to look for areas that need regular attention to ensure the fleet is running at its optimal level.  

Running an efficient fleet requires regularly maintaining your vehicles to ensure they don't break down. Preventative maintenance, and managing it through helpful mobile apps, can help streamline your fleet in a variety of ways.

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is a series of procedures that work to ensure your vehicles don't break down. These fall into a variety of categories, depending on the vehicles you use. For example, all of your trucks are likely to need engine oil and filter changes. Transmission fluid changes are also likely. Other procedures to perform include:

  • Checking drive shafts
  • Maintenance on electrical components
  • Repairing cooling systems for heavy-duty vehicles, like bulldozers
  • Fixing leaks in hydraulic systems for lifting vehicles

These maintenance procedures can be performed by your regular maintenance experts or by outside specialists. The best way to ensure that these procedures are performed is to use various mobile fleet management apps.

How You Can Use Apps To Maintain Your Fleet

There are a variety of trucking apps that you can use to ensure that your fleet stays well maintained and efficient. For example, you could download an app that lets you set up automatic alarms indicating when specific vehicles in your fleet need maintenance. You can sort these vehicles by type and the type of maintenance that needs to be performed.

Having all of your drivers and managers install these apps on their phones or mobile device is a great way of keeping your vehicles maintained. For example, a backhoe driver can get an alert that it's time to change the oil in their vehicle. This will allow them to avoid burning up the engine with bad and dirty oil.

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