Whip Around into Electronic Daily Vehicle Inspection Reporting

Whip Around's Teams Module in the Manager's Dashboard  

Whip Around's Teams Module in the Manager's Dashboard  

Paper is "old-school." There's little need for paper when it comes to your daily vehicle inspection report when an app such as Whip Around is available! Going electronic is a simple way to save time, and it increases accuracy in reporting. No more illegible handwriting, no more snail mail, and no more missing paperwork. It's available on Android, iPad, and iPhones, so using the app is as easy as tapping the screen.

There are a number of benefits to using E-DVIR (Electronic Daily Vehicle Inspection Report), including:

  • Gathering real-time data, which aids in compliance;
  • Reducing costs, from no longer paying to ship paper reports to having lower insurance premiums because of improved accuracy;
  • Identifying small issues during inspection that could lead to bigger, more costly repairs and even accidents; and
  • Accurately keeping up with the performance of your fleet and drivers.

Not only was the Whip Around app designed to maximize these benefits, but it also comes with additional supports, such as:

  • The ability to add unlimited drivers;
  • Drill-down technology that questions faults found in the inspection so that they can be narrowed down to specifics;
  • Real-time email alerts when a problem is found;
  • Dashboard snapshots;
  • Clear and precise reports to be exported to management and government agencies; and
  • Ongoing customer support.

In an industry where compliance is crucial and DOT audits are commonplace, having the peace of mind that comes with accuracy is invaluable. An E-DVIR offers this to you, and Whip Around is here to provide you with the digital tools and customer support you need to move from "old-school" to the 21st century of fleet management!