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5 Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Customers

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Your ability to compete in the transportation industry requires a commitment to providing superb customer service and an awareness of your company's shortcomings. In particular, you must understand the reasons why your regular customers might decide to explore other transportation options. Below are five reasons why your customers might be tempted to turn to your competitors for their transportation needs.

1. You are not accessible. 

Few things are more frustrating to customers than being unable to reach their transportation provider when they need to schedule a pickup. Your customers should be able to reach you quickly by phone, e-mail, or chat.

2. You are slow to provide quotes. 

Many customers will not request your services without a formal quote. Failure to provide a prompt quote can drive your customers straight into the welcome arms of a transportation company that will provide a quote quickly.

3. You only retrieve loads on certain days of the week. 

You will not be able to compete in a growing industry if you restrict your pickup times. You can avoid this pitfall by striving to provide pickups quickly regardless of date or time.

4. You fail to keep up with current trends. 

Keeping an eye on your competitors is essential to ensuring that you are offering customers the latest transportation options. You can stay up to date on transportation trends by attending trade shows and industry meetings.

5. You do not reward your top customers. 

Loyal customers and those who pay on time deserve your appreciation and support. If you fail to reward top customers for their continued business, you run the risk of losing them to a competitor.

Tagged: Customers, Technology, Whip Around


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