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3 Easy Ways to Get Better Engagement Out of Your Drivers

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As a manager, you shouldn't have to micromanage every little thing that your drivers are responsible for. And when it comes to compliance, your drivers are responsible for a lot! If you find yourself spending a lot of time making sure that your drivers are completing their daily inspections, keeping accurate logbooks, or doing other compliance-related tasks, it's time to change the way you manage your team. 

With these three strategies for discipline and motivation, you'll spend much less time micromanaging your team and much more time doing the best parts of your job. 

1. Use positive reinforcement. 

This strategy is simple - instead of punishing the people who break the rules, actively reward the people who follow them. Being positive will make you seem like the "good guy" in the situation instead of the hard-line manager. Not only will your team keep up with their compliance, but they will also earn a greater respect for you. Possible rewards could include a pay raise, extra days off, or even a promotion.

2. Have a compliance education day. 

Although your drivers know that inspection is part of their jobs, they might not know just how important it is. To educate your drivers about the importance of compliance, take one day and do an educational workshop about the different aspects of compliance and the consequences of not following the code. Chances are, your drivers' increased awareness of the issue will lead them to take more caution and care in their daily inspection tasks.

3. Delegate inspection management tasks to your most engaged drivers. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your duties, passing them off to your employees will help lighten your load. Plus, when less engaged drivers see that their compliant co-workers are getting promoted to managerial duties, it will inspire them to strive for excellence as well. With inspection software, it's easy for your drivers to be managers from anywhere in the country. 

These three strategies are just a few of the many ways that you can increase your driver engagement and lighten your load of keeping track of compliance. In the end, it's your drivers' responsibility to keep track of their own vehicles, and while you need to oversee their work, you shouldn't have to keep such a tight eye on each one. 

Looking for more ways to become a better manager? Try Whip Around, a mobile inspection platform designed for managers just like you. For more information, visit our website and take a look at what we have to offer. 

Tagged: Engagement, Inpections, inspections, Technology, Whip Around


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