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CMV Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports: Avoiding Violations

DVIR Basics

Daily, post-trip Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) are required by law for Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs). These inspections must be completed, with any defects and their subsequent repairs properly documented. Additional routine inspections, called "periodic inspections", must be completed and documented at least once a year.

Drivers and companies bear the responsibility of keeping all parts and accessories in "safe and proper operating condition at all times." Maintaining a properly working vehicle also saves money. Unexpected problems can be detected and repairs made before there is an accident, mechanical downtime, or a roadside vehicle inspection Out Of Service (OOS) violation.

Over 20% of the nearly 3.5 million vehicle inspections in the US in 2016 resulted in vehicle OOS violations. A CMV remains OOS until violations are corrected and deemed safe. The top 4 causes of roadside inspection OOS violations in 2016 were:

  • Operating vehicle not having required operable lamps
  • Clamp/Roto brake misalignment
  • Operating CMV without a periodic inspection
  • Inspection/repair and maintenance parts and accessories

The Whip Around app puts you in the driver's seat so you can avoid these costly violations! Whip Around:

  • works on any smartphone or mobile device.
  • lets you sync driver devices to home office for real-time inspection information.
  • lets you and your mechanics monitor defect reports and resulting unplanned mechanical work.
  • allows you to modify your inspection checklists to accommodate changing regulations.
  • lets you assign individual log-ins for each driver so you know who did the inspections.
  • has analytical data platforms to generate useful, company-specific reports.

You can try Whip Around for free! What do you have to lose except for missed inspections, overlooked repairs, fines, and unnecessary downtime? Contact us today!


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