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Truckers' Health & Safety: There's an App for That!

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You hit the open road, hauling your freight to its destination; it's admittedly a job that requires a whole lot of sitting down! And although the benefits are many--an honest and decent pay, a way to see places you've never seen before, a chance to meet all sorts of people, and the satisfaction of knowing that you've helped a company get their necessities from point A to point B efficiently--a trucker must take care of his own health in order to continue reaping these benefits! Sedentary jobs often lead to excess pounds, and the perils of being overweight range from increased risks of diabetes to high blood pressure and heart disease.

People who track their food and calorie intake tend to be more conscientious eaters, therefore losing more weight. There are a variety of apps on the market for tracking your calories, and many include popular restaurants that only require a tap of the menu to input your meal. One of the most popular is My Fitness Pal, which comes in an Android and Apple app (for free), as well as a website. If you happen to get any exercise at the truck stops, you can input that as well on this app.

If you have a load that is time-sensitive, you may wonder how you can possibly fit in a little fitness on the road. DOT compliance requires resting, big rigs require refueling, and weigh stations require stopping. With a free app such as 7 Minute Workout, you can fit in a quick stretching routine or workout using your body's weight. Every little bit counts when it comes to keeping your body healthy. And if this app doesn't have what you're looking for, the versatile Nike+ should!

Even if losing weight isn't one of your goals, checking into a health log or diary with vitals, such as weight and blood pressure, on a regular basis can help ensure that you are aware of what your baseline numbers are. Many phones, such as the iPhone, come with one installed; using it is a first step in knowing when issues arise.

Essential to health is the issue of sleep, too. Adequate sleep is essential for health and safety on the road, and drowsing driving has been shown to be as dangerous as distracted driving and driving under the influence. There are apps to even assist with your sleeping habits. Type in "power nap" in the search bar in your app store, and a number of apps designed to help you grab a few "power minutes" will pop up. You might try Sleep Cycle for Apple or Android users. Whether you are needing a pick-me-up nap or an analysis of your current sleep patterns, your phone is a handy tool for helping you discover how sleep can create a healthier, more efficient you both on and off the road!

Tagged: compliance, Electronic Inspection, Health and safety, Inpections, pre trip inpsections, saas, Safety, transport, Vehicles, Whip Around, work apps


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