Going Digital = Going Green

Going paperless with the Whip Around Inspection Platform  

Going paperless with the Whip Around Inspection Platform  

It's a digital world--no doubt about it! There are numerous benefits to using digital files in the business world today, from saving space to protecting documents from physical damage. Typing in a keyword makes large numbers of files more easily searchable, and digitally sharing is a breeze versus photocopying and distributing via the postal service! But the benefits don't end there. Going digital--by computer or by mobile device--offers an environmental upside, too!

  • Paper reduction ultimately saves trees! And saving trees means saving wildlife habitats! Trees also recycle the carbon dioxide we breathe out into the oxygen we breathe in.
  • Using your GPS or traffic navigation tool can help you anticipate and possibly avoid traffic problems that can result in your truck staying idle and emitting vapors that cause air pollution.
  • If there is no one home when you finish your load and are ready to rest for a few days, having apps to control your appliances, lights, and thermostat allow you to make your home comfortable when you arrive. It is energy-efficient to keep the thermostat set for your absence and to adjust the temperature before your arrival. Controlling your lights by app keeps you from walking into a dark house, too!
  • Digital music files keep us from purchasing plastic-encased CDs, another eco-friendly measure that is easy to implement. This applies to DVD purchases and books as well.

It's up to us to take care of the planet, and app and software developers are making this easier for us with each passing day. For business managers who must look at bottom-line figures, savings acquired by going digital and giving up some of the paper, printing, and mailing costs add up over time. For drivers who spend a lot of time on the road, conservation by going digital helps them play a part in making a greener planet, too.

The Whip Around app offers a way to streamline your vehicle inspection process while reducing your paperwork! Please visit our website at http://www.whip-around.com/ for more information!