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3 Tips to Increase Tire Life for a Better ROI

If you own or manage a company that uses commercial or transportation vehicles, you no doubt want the tires those vehicles drive on to last as long as possible. This will save you money and the inconvenience of having to replace them prematurely. Here are 3 tips that can increase your tire ROI (return on investment).

1.) Invest in proper and quality tires.

Sometimes it may be tempting to cut corners and purchase less expensive tires, especially when you need a significant supply to support your vehicles. However, you want to be careful, because if they are not good quality, they will have a shorter life, and in the long run you will be paying more. It's better to invest in tires that are known for lasting quality.

In addition, you will want to make sure the type of tires you buy correspond to the areas, roads, and weather conditions they will be driven in. For instance, if your vehicles will be traveling in snowy areas, you will want to have winter tires, or at the very least, significantly good all-season tires, if traveling in and out of different climates. If the vehicles will be on rough roads, you will want especially durable tires.

2.) Make sure you have good drivers.

Tires can last much longer when you have good drivers behind the wheel. If the employees driving are skidding around turns, hitting curbs, or zooming over potholes, even the best tires will wear out sooner. Checking the driving record of employees before they hit the road, monitoring their driving, and providing them with regular safe driving reminders can be good ways to prevent problems.

3.) Regularly maintain and inspect the vehicles and tires.

It's important to ensure someone frequently checks the tires and vehicle for anything wrong. It is essential for the tire pressure to be at the level recommended for that specific tire. Too much or too little air inflation can compromise the integrity of the tire, as well as be a driving hazard. In addition, other issues going on with the vehicle, such as if the alignment is off, can affect how the tires drive. It's best to care for any needed repairs as soon as possible.

These are just 3 tips to help you increase your tire ROI, so you get the most from your money. At Whip Around, we understand the value of keeping your commercial vehicles safe and inspected. Our technology has helped many companies to do so more efficiently. We invite you to sign up for our free trial, so we can help your business as well.


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