Avoid Costly Brake Violations with These Three Tips

Road Check 2016 | Checking Brakes

Road Check 2016 | Checking Brakes

While the International Roadcheck focused on tire safety in 2016, the top out-of-service violation actually wasn't for tire problems. Of vehicles placed out of service, 45.7 percent were due to brake adjustment and brake system violations.

Not only are brake violations common, the consequences of having poorly maintained brakes can be severe.  No company wants to deal with expensive down time or risk a terrible accident due to brake failure.

Here are some tips that will keep your fleet's brakes performing at their best:

  • Instruct drivers to monitor brake performance during vehicle operation and report any issues to you right away. Brakes that are not performing as expected should not be ignored.
  • Check indicator lights and lamps during every vehicle inspection.  For vehicles with ABS, ABS lamps that do not illuminate as well as ones that come on and stay on are both violations. Vehicles equipped with traction or stability control systems indicate problems with these systems via the traction control/stability control lamp.  Whip Around can prompt drivers to check status lamps during each inspection to make sure this important step is not missed.
  • Examine brake hoses and tubing as part of each inspection. Operators should watch for bulging tubes, audible leaks, and broken or crimped hoses. With the Whip Around app, drivers can take pictures to document any problems they find.  This allows you to diagnose and intervene quickly.

Address brake issues right away, before they become big problems. Whip Around can alert you to faults in your fleet so you can monitor brake issues and schedule vehicle maintenance quickly and easily. Contact us today to set up your free trial.