How Mobile Technology is Changing Fleet Management

Whether you are using a fleet of tractor trailers or heavy machinery, maintenance and management of the fleet is a top priority. If engines, bodies and chases are well-maintained, the business saves money and keeps the machines on the job. 

From the pre-trip checklist to notification of faults, a mobile app gives fleet managers and drivers the tools to make certain that each truck runs well. Since pre-trip inspections are required by most departments of transportation, mobile management of the inspection both fulfills many governmental regulations and increases the control owners and managers have over their fleets. 

A good mobile app will provide the following resources for fleet management: fault notification, integrated photography of the fault, a pre-trip checklist, and driver management. 

Fault Notification

A mobile app need to be integrated with management's desktops so that owners and managers are notified when a fault is recorded, can access the driver's inspection report, see photos, and manage maintenance requests. 

Pre-Trip Checklist

A great mobile app not only tracks faults, it gives a standardized system to each driver for going through their pre-trip inspection of the truck, trailer, or tractor before beginning work. 

Driver Management

A good fleet management app requires ease of use and affordable use by each driver in the fleet. With the high turnover of many professional driving teams, a good app needs to be focused on the company, not on the individual drivers as the cost determining function. A good app will scale no matter how many drivers are on call, but will focus on giving your team the tools to manage the fleet you have. 

There are many great apps that provide all these solutions for industrial fleets, whether trucking, construction, or even a fleet of farm tractors. Rather than letting maintenance issues go unreported, use a great app to manage maintenance well in the modern age.