Stay on Top of Tire Safety and Maintenance

Each year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts International Roadcheck, a three-day enforcement program targeting commercial motor vehicles. This year's International Roadcheck focused on tire safety and increased tire failures on commercial trucks. Recently released results from the event found that tire violations accounted for 18.5% of out-of-service violations. This is an increase over 2015 (13.9%) and 2014 (13.8%).

Why is this important? Tire violations may seem simple, but they can have huge consequences in terms of unplanned repairs and accidents.

Pre-trip inspections play a huge part in vehicle and tire maintenance.  These inspections can spot small tire problems before they become big ones. How can drivers make the most of tire inspections? Use these tips along with Whip Around to identify and address tire issues right away.

  • Tires: Drivers should examine tires for irregular wear, cracking, cuts, bulging, separation, and adequate tread depth. Drivers can use the Whip Around app to instantly document and photograph any issues they find. Configure Whip Around to automatically notify you of these faults so you can address them right away.
  • Inflation: Improper inflation pressure affects tire wear and fuel efficiency. Whip Around can remind drivers to gauge tires cold before each trip and adjust as necessary, so they won't overlook this important step.
  • Wheel inspections: Drivers should look for cracked wheels, elongated bolt holes, and loose lug nuts. Whip Around tracks these faults for your fleet to make it easier to schedule maintenance without down time.

Give your drivers the tools to let you know what is becoming an issue with their tires before tire failure leads to expensive down time or an accident.  We can help you stay on top of your fleet - just contact us today for a free trial.